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Is Detox Right For Me?

There are many wellness reasons to Detox! Some Detox simply for weight loss and improvement of digestion.  Others detox for specific reasons such as recovery from a specific disease.  Others come for the over-all wellness benefits such as improved stamina, concentration, body performance, deeper sleep, clearer skin and more balanced emotions. To find out if Detox is right for you, check out our program options, as they range from one-day very gentle to complete 7-day cleanses!

Master Herbal Detox Program:
• Accomodation
• The Master Herbal Formulas

Our very best organic handcrafted formulas (taken daily, morning and night)
- Formula P (parasite & Candida formula) - syrup- Flow (Intestinal & Colon formula) - capsules
- Kidney & Pancreas Cleanse - tincture  - Liver & Gallbladder Cleanse - syrup
- Hormone Balance Herbal Formula - capsules- Heavy Metals Detox Formula (Yarrow herb) - tea
- Thyroid Restore Formula (Natural Iodine, Blood Purifier & Herbal Iron) a 3-in-1 formula - syrup
- Immune Power Tincture (6 medicinal mushroom formula)   
- Virus eliminator (olive leaf) - added to every formula
- Bacteria and fungal eliminator (wild oregano oil) - added to every formula
 • Additional rare and aged herbal formulas:
- Adrenal Restore Formula - syrup
- Anti-Cancer Formula (aged 5 yrs, blackberry + herbs) - tincture
- Sleep & Nervous System Formula - syrup

- The Liver Rebuild Program - specially prepared herbal tonic drinks at selective times of day
- The Kidney Rebuild Program - specially prepared herbal tonic drinks at selective times of day
- The Intestinal Rebuild Program - specially prepared herbal tonic drinks at selective times of day
- The Liver Flush Program
- Individual personal supervision with The Source Herbalist (ailments or health concerns addressed and natural herbal treatment solutions offered)
- Herbal Steam & Dream' - herbal steam caves & rock plunge pools therapy (outside trip to Famiana Resort & Spa)
- Your choice of daily diet                       
- All fresh made juices and fruits daily  
- Daily Yoga classes                          
- Go green bag with eco-friendly amenities
- Health program information documents and nutrition guide
Program price (all-inclusive package with everything above included)
3 Days
VND 13,500,000 net per person
5 Days
VND 22,500,000 net per person
7 Days
VND 31,500,000 net per person
10 Days
VND 45,000,000 net per person
14 Days
VND 63,000,000 net per person
21 Days
VND 94,500,000 net per person
A discount of 30% applies to a second person sharing and doing the program
One day sample detox
The One and a half Day Detox is an easy wellness introduction to fasting if you wish to give your body a break for a day. This short fast is particularly good when you feel the first sign of illness coming on, as it allows the body the resources to fight it off early.

You will need to arrive the evening before your fast begins, or no later than 7.00am if you wish to fast on your arrival day.  You do not need to be staying in the retreat to take part in our detox programs.

Package Includes:
- Pre-fast wellness intake, complete with a comprehensive fasting support manual
- A program of herbal supplements for detoxification and nutrition
- Psyllium husk and bentonite clay “shakes”.
- 1 green juice & 1 coconut water
- 1 organic coffee colonic treatment
- Probiotic supplements
- A relaxing space entirely for fasters to hang out in, complete with hammocks
- A full library of fasting, nutrition, alternative medicine, and spiritual literature
- Complementary herbal tea and fresh filtered spring water
- A vegetable/miso broth, shared in the evening with your fellow fasters
- On site  support
- A post-cleanse guide and supplement take away bag

The Schedule
The Day:
7:00 Shake 1:00 Probiotic shake
8:30 Herbs 2:30 Herbs & green juice
10:00 Shake 4:00 Shake
11:30 Herbs 4:00-6:00 Colonic session (Flow)
    5:30 Herbs
    7:00 Veggie/miso Broth Soup
    8:30 Herbs
Next morning:
- Shake and herbs
- Morning colonic of  probiotics or wheatgrass or chamomile solution
- Psyllium probiotic shake
- One cleanse meal

Program cost: 3,480,000 VND per day per person

Accomodation cost:

Single/Twin share Low Season
(1.4.2019 - 31.10.2019)
High Season
& 1.11.2019 - 31.12.2019)
1 Days VND 650,000 VND 1,100,000
3 Days VND 1,950,000 VND 3,300,000
5 Days VND 3,250,000 VND 5,500,000
7 Days VND 4,550,000 VND 7,700,000
10 Days VND 6,500,000 VND 11,000,000
14 Days VND 9,100,000 VND 15,400,000

Terms & Conditions:
Prices include all taxes & VAT. There is nothing else to pay.
We accept Amex, Visa, Mastercard, bank transfer and cash (any currency). We do not charge 3.5% fee when using a credit card to pay.
Prices valid till end Oct 2020.
Book online or make an enquiry. Or email us your enquiry rsv.annhienretreat@gmail.com.

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