Staying Green

At An Nhien retreat we have a long term view as a sustainable resort, seeing ourselves as custodians of the tropical idyll we have found on Phu Quoc.

Energy conservation:
  • Natural air circulation and fans
  • No Television
  • Use of natural light during the day
  • Minimum use of fuel powered vehicles, machines and equipment
  • Hot water heated through solar power
  • Energy efficient appliances
  • Low wattage light bulbs
  • Change of linen only upon request
  • Switch off lights when not used 
  • Use of cooling boxes for refrigeration purposes in our bars

Water conservation: 
  • Pump and treat fresh water from shallow wells
  • Low water use toilets
  • Use table mats that can be wiped and not laundered

Recycling and waste: 
  • Buy fresh and local daily to reduce packaging and emissions from transportation
  • Purchase in bulk to reduce packaging

Recycle paper and glass: 
  • Compost organic matter and use for animals
  • Limit paper based marketing and other administration to a minimum
  • Use septic tanks for waste

  • Over 80% of An Nhien staff are from the local commune
  • Use of local suppliers for over 85% of purchase 
  • Re-invest resort income locally
  • Pay above local prevailing wage
  • Pay into local social security
  • 4 months of free English lessons to all staff members during low season
  • Free accommodation provided for staff

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